Alice Osborne


World premiere season Nov 26 to 29, Performance Space Track 8

Created by independent artist Alice Osborne, Falling is an interdisciplinary theatre work in partnership with Performance Space.  Collaborative artists include Halcyon Macleod (director/writer), Regina Heilmann (performer/devisor), Hilary Bell (dramaturg), Samuel James (production designer/video artist, Phil Downing (sound designer/composer) and Richard Montgomery (lighting designer/technical director).

... the sound of timber creaking and limbs hitting the floor echoes in the space ... glowing out of the darkness a woman is stuck on a three legged chair, falling ...

Falling offers an interactive experience for audience members choosing their own pathways, as if finding their way through memory.  Spaces are defined by sculptural structures of chairs, lighting, directional sound and performance vignettes, all enhanced by Samuel James' evocative film footage.

Falling explores themes of fear, anxiety and the divisions within self - incpororating physical theatre, video installation and text, the work investigates how suppression can lead to a cycle of destructive thought patterns and behaviour.  The focus is on one woman's potential to break out, to stand and fight.

... an atmospheric world, sense-drenched, shadowy and vibrating with the energy of female aggression .... Halcyon's text will offer a rhythmical invitation inside the unsettling dynamic between two women as they face various challenges and obstacles ... a powerful new work ...

Falling Woman has been supported by Arts NSW, Bundanon Trust, Australia Council Theatre Board and Underbelly Arts Festival, in partnership with Performance Space