Marguerite Pepper

Managing Director

Marguerite's career in the arts has spanned the past 40 years from practising artist to choreographer, production coordinator, event and festival producer and entrepeneur. She was partner for a decade with Anthony Steel in Anthony Steel and Associates and co-produced, among many significant events, the inaugural 1982 Singapore International Festival of Arts, The New Australians in the United Kingdom and Europe in 1986 and the six month cultural programme for World Expo 88. Marguerite also assisted Anthony on the development and production of the 1984 and 1986 Adelaide Festivals. During this time of producing major international performance into Australia, she became more passionate about finding ways for Australian artists and ensembles to export their work internationally. Export Oz was born in the 90's in partnership with Justin Macdonnell and together they pioneered significant international touring circuits for Australian companies throughout that decade.

Some proud moments in Marguerite's calendar as Producer have been Housedance on the sails of the Opera House (International Millenium Broadcast 2000), Founding Producer of Chunky Move, Creative Producer of Australian Dance Theatre (1999-2001), Executive Producer of Stalker (2001-2006), Associate Producer on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games at Homebush Stadium (2000) and her ongoing relationship with Queensland Music Festival from 2005 until the present day. Off shore she has produced Australia's National Day (Seville Expo 92), Australia Today Indonesia 94, Australia Performs Montreal 98 and the 2001 Australian Festival at the Seoul Arts Centre in Korea.