Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor

Deadly Directions - The Fox and The Freedom Fighters (World Premiere Season Performance Space Nov 12 to 22 2014)

Conceived by Aunty Rhonda Dixon Grovenor and Nadeena Dixon
Co-written by Aunty Rhonda Dixon Grovenor and Alana Valentine

The Fox and The Freedom Fighters is an exploration of the life and legacy of Chicka Dixon (AKA “The Fox”). It is about the aboriginal political movement from the 1930’s up until today expressed through the mediums of film, theatre and workshops together with an historical publication all told through three generations of his family. Through The Fox and The Freedom Fighters we want to honour and inform, provoke and acknowledge, keeping our culture strong for future generations.

The life story and legacy of Dr Charles Chicka Dixon, The Fox and the Freedom Fighters, is a work that provides powerful insight into the mind and heart of this renowned Aboriginal Freedom Fighter. Chicka, alongside his contemporaries Charlie Perkins and Mum Shirl (to name only a few) were instrumental in the Aboriginal Civil Rights movement, based in Redfern, that had it’s beginnings in the 1920’s and gained international focus during the Black Pride and Self Determination Movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, continuing until current times.

The project leader, Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor, felt it vitally important to document and develop this work based on her Father’s story as a form of reclamation and revitalization of contemporary indigenous culture. This is a story that must be told, a story that belongs to all Australians, black and white. The members of Chicka’s direct family want to share his life and legacy, so that current and future generations of indigenous people learn the untold story.

Aunty Rhonda says: "It is a story of survival that traces the fight to maintain Indigenous cultural and spiritual freedom. The outcome of the intensive process of researching and developing the The Fox and The Freedom Fighters is the theatrical production along with a film documentary and a book.

As we continue to research Chicka’s life our immediate goal is to interact with community, both through documenting stories but also to contribute through workshops. We want to benefit our local community through sharing this important story and empowering people, especially youth. We have called these workshops “Celebrating Our Elders” and “Black Stories Our Way”."

Aunty Rhonda is committed to empowerment and wellbeing and her leadership and approach to life enhances community engagement, respect, learning and strength.


This project has been supported to date by Performance Space, Australia Council’s Theatre Board and ATSIAB and Arts NSW